About Abkhazia


Sukhum (Akua in Abkhaz)


8,600 km²


242 826 (2011)


Russian rouble


Abkhaz, Russian, Armenian, Megrelian, Georgian


Orthodox Christianity, Traditional Islam.

Main ethnic groups

Abkhaz, Armenians, Russians, Georgians, Megrelians, Greeks. Places of great symbolic importance


Abkhazia is situated along the eastern coast of the Black Sea, bordering Russia in the West and the North along the Great Caucasus Range and Georgia in the East. Abkhazia is divided into seven administrative districts: Gagra, Gudauta, Sukhum, Ochamchyra, Gulripsh, Tquarchal and Gal. The capital city is Sukhum (Aqua in Abkhazian).

Natural and Climatic Conditions

Abkhazia has unique natural and climatic conditions. Its climate is warm, mild and humid due to its proximity to the sea. There are about 200-220 sunny days per year. The weather is moderately hot in summer – around +27, +28 C, the temperature of the sea reaches +28 C. There are abundance of ecologically clean sweet water, a lot of healing springs, hot mineral springs, mountain rivers and lakes.


According to the 2011 census, there are 240 705 people residing in Abkhazia, of whom approximately 51% are ethnic Abkhazians, 20% Georgian and Megrelians, 18% Armenians, 9% Russians, less than 1% Greeks, and the others.


Abkhaz is an official state language. Russian language is used as means of inter-ethnic communication. Armenian and Georgian are also common. In the district of Gal, Georgian is more prevalent where there is a higher Georgian population.


The Abkhaz ethnic culture is rich in traditions, preserving to the present day quite a few archaic elements whose origins ante-date the Christian era.

The fundamental constructive moral-ethical element in Abkhazian national culture is the concept of'Apswara, or 'Abkhazianness' - 'Abkhazian view of the world', 'Abkhazian ideology'.

Abkhazia had a highly diverse demography with many Turks, Armenians, Jews, and Greeks, among others.

The majority of Abkhazians are Orthodox Christians. There are also some population of Sunni Muslims, and a there is small number of Jews, Lutherans, Catholics and followers of new religions.

Prominent citizens of Abkhazia

Bagrat Shinkuba - Writer, poet, historian, linguist and politician

Alexandr Chachba - Painter

Fazil Iskander - Writer

Murat Yagan - Philosopher, national leader

Khibla Gerzmava - Opera singer

Denis Tsargush - Free-style Wrestling World and Europe champion

Alan Palavandzia - Shotokan-style Karate World champion

Akhra Tsveiba - Football player