CB "Amra-Bank" was founded in 2008. The Bank is a member of the National Payment System of Abkhazia. It works with individuals and legal entities. "Amra-bank" provides services for international transfers, currency exchange,cash and settlement services, deposits, bank boxes, collection. It also collaborates with organizations within the "Salary card project".
In May 2016 the Bank entered into a cooperation agreement with the Football Federation of Abkhazia and became an official partner of the ConIFA World Football Cup 2016. Under this agreement, the ticket program during the Championship is assigned to "Amra-Bank".

Sputnik, a major new media brand with modern multimedia centers in dozens of countries, was launched on November 10, 2014.
Sputnik points the way to a multipolar world that respects every country’s national interests, culture, history and traditions.
Sputnik tells the untold. The agency is uniquely positioned as a provider of alternative news content and a radio broadcaster.
Sputnik’s broadcasting is entirely geared toward foreign audiences.
All of Sputnik’s editorial boards in major world capitals will maintain their own websites and broadcast from local radio stations.


Partners of the ConIFA World Football Cup 2016 in Abkhazia

Charity Fund "Amshen"

Partners of the ConIFA

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, the team at EverSport is passionate about sports and technology.
– EverSport is CONIFAs official partner for live online streaming solutions. During the World Football Cup 2014 in Östersund they firstly cooperated with us and set up a Pay-Per-View platform for all CONIFA matches.

Spring Media is an independent broadcast rights agency launched in 2011 by Torsten Billing, Hans Svelander and José Antonio Moreno. Together the founders have over 30 years’ experience working with sports broadcast rights. SpringMedia helps CONIFA to globally sell TV rights since 2014.

Asmaral Solzet Voyage is a Moscow-based travel agency. The company assisted the national teams of Abkhazia and South Ossetia to come to the World Football Cup 2014 in Sweden and are now a partner of CONIFA for the 2016 World Football Cup! The English speaking staff will help all CONIFA teams, media and supporters in all travel related matters.

Humanitarian Logistics Organisation are logistics expert in the non-profit sector. Being a non-profit organisation, they provide support in implementing and optimising logistics for charitable projects all over the world. HLO supports CONIFA actively in all logistical issues since 2015. For the World Football Cup #Abkhazia2016 they actively help us to find partners in the airline and logistic sector to bring teams, fans and material to Abkhazia. Visit the homepage of HLO for further informations.

The Best Travelled is a community of people interested in travel, who dare to explore the 1281 regions of the world, to discover their gems and to share their experiences with fellow Travellers. TBT is proud to participate in CONIFA event and will continue to raise awareness about minority people and their need to be recognized.